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私は子供のころ野良猫や捨てられた子猫の世話をしたりした経験があり、この事がブリードをしていく上で大変役に立っています。血統書の有る猫も無い猫も、基本的には変わらないと思います。1990年に最初にキャットショーに出陳、またCFAでの活動が始まりました。1994年にTincarbellMocca Rollがグランドチャンピオンに成り、1997年に最初のキャンペーンキャットTincarbell Luke Skywalker が日本1の猫になりました。又、1998年Royal Road Bess of Jajauma が日本1のプレミアに成りました。2007年からはCFAアンバサーダープログラムの活動を始めています。

2008年GC.RW. Royal Road F/A Raptorが、日本人ブリーダー・オーナーで初の快挙、世界大会でアメリカンショートヘアーの1位になりました。2010年、GC.RW. Royal Road Spread Eagle が御陰様でDMになりました。アメリカ、ヨーロッパ、アジアへ何頭か猫を出してきましたが、世界中の彼らの幸せな生活が私の喜びです。




                         August 2012.

Cattery Royal Road

TEL:077-576-5333  FAX: 077-576-5373

American Shorthair Cattery, since 1989.

We started breeding at Kanagawain1989. Our first silver tabby male had so wonderful temperature and this was the reason why I would breed American Shorthair.This silver tabby male made me American Shorthair lover. I had lots of experience about taking care of baby or kitten. When I was child I have been taking care of street cats and abandoned kitten. This experience helps me in breedingpure breed cat smoothly. I think there is no differencebetween pedigreed cat or not pedigreed cat.

First showing was 1990. My activities in Cat Fanciers Association started in 1990.In 1994, my first Grand Champion cat was GC.TincarbellMocca Roll, brown tabby male.In1997 my first campaign cat was Tincarbell Luke Skywalker of Royal Road and he has achieved great result,Best Cat in Japan 1996~1997. In 1998 GC.GP Royal Road Bess of JaJauma, daughter of Luke Skywalker  became Best Cat in Premireship. In 2007 I and my husband started activities in Ambassador Program.In 2008 at the International Cat Show in Atlanta, GC. RW. Royal Road F/A Raptor had great achievement as Japanese breeder/owner cat in championship,Best American Shorthair. In2010 Royal Road Spread Eaglebecame DM.

I have shipped several cats to America, Europe and Asia. It’s my preasure to see their happy life in the world.

In 2011 we moved to Shiga, near by Lake Biwa and Kyoto.

Recently, my husband and I are serving as CFA Ambassador with two CFA AmbassadorCats, F/A Raptor and Spread Eagle.

Please everybody come to see us, F/A raptor and Spread Eagle !!

If you like dog rather than cat, you should be fan of cat, I am sure.

Because American breeders have made American Shorthair as doglike cat.